The members of the Indian Wells Valley church of Christ believe that without individual Bible study, one’s faith cannot grow.  To that end, we have several Bible-based classes covering all ages and a wide variety of topics.  These classes seek to not only identify practical applications as to how we ought to live our everyday lives but also to learn about God’s patience in developing His plan of redemption for man, the example left by His Son on this earth, and God and Christ’s infinite love for mankind.  You would be our honored guest if you were to join us!

Our children’s & young adult classes are:

Infant/toddler (0-4 years)Early Elementary (4-7 years)2nd-4th Grade
5th-7th Grade8th Grade - College

These meet both Sunday morning (10 am) and Wednesday evening (7 pm)

Here are our current adult classes:

Sunday Morning (10 am) – 2 Samuel

As of February 2018 we are beginning a study of 2 Samuel. This interesting book encompasses the reign of King David. Saul has died at the end of 1 Samuel and by the beginning of 1 Kings he is an old man.

Start Date - February 25, 2018End Date - Approx. February 2019

Wednesday Evening (7 pm) – Heroes and Heroines of the Bible

This class will be looking at lives of great men and women in the Bible.

Note: This class does not meet on the last Wednesday of the month.  Instead, a congregational singing is conducted.

Ladies’ Bible Classes (taught by women for women)

Thursday Ladies’ Class

Meeting location & time: Church Annex;  6:30 pm

Meeting dates: This class meets every Thursday with the last class scheduled for 20 December 2018. (Please note: the class will not meet the week of Thanksgiving.)

This class is studying the book titled Walking To The Promised Land by Lori Boyd (see: From the back cover:

WALKING TO THE PROMISED LAND is a book about daily Christian living. It’s about intentionally stepping toward our final destination and avoiding wilderness wandering.


Start Date - August 30, 2018End Date - December 20, 2018


Class materials for current and past classes, if available, can be downloaded here.