Our History

History of the Church of Christ

Beginning with the first Gospel sermon, delivered in 33AD in Jerusalem, the church of Christ began, and has continued with an unbroken line up until the present. However, in history, there have been times when good men have actively searched for her, and not found her, instead rebuilding her in their generation and in their nation.

The history of the church of Christ in America began in the early 1800’s with Alexander and Thomas Campbell and Barton W. Stone.

A History of the IWV Church of Christ

In the early 1960’s four families from the Ridgecrest Church of Christ (the Farrars, Hadleys, Jacobs and Thompsons) formed the Inyokern Church of Christ and met in the Town Hall building in Inyokern. In 1966 they built a small building at 1508 Pinto Street. As the church grew the building was expanded to its present size. The congregation has continued to grow and in November 2013 moved in to a new building on North Norma street in Ridgecrest and changed the name from the “Inyokern Church of Christ” to the “Indian Wells Valley Church of Christ”. One of the original families, the Hadleys, are still members of the congregation. Over the years various men have preached for the congregation including Harold Hadley, David Ormerod, Olin Hudson, Bob Dodson, Tom Hogan, Vernon Gilley, Mitchell Brown and Tim Douthart.