*****NOTE***** We are currently holding services in the parking lot at 8:00 AM. We do the following:
1) Park with a space separating each car
2) Use an FM transmitter so that you can tune your radio to 107.9 and listen in
3) Offer a compressed service – aiming to be done in 25 minutes (due to heat considerations)
4) If you wanted to stand or sit outside your car, then that would be fine as well, as long as you provided your own chair (minimizing things that multiple people touch).
5) We sing a few songs, pray, hear a short lesson and partake of the Lord’s Supper (using separately wrapped communion packets that we have purchased which you can look at here – https://celebrationcup.com). We will also have a way that you can give if you so choose.
We will also be recording a lesson and posting it at our FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/IWVChurchOfChrist).

What to expect when you attend

You will find a caring and loving fellowship when you come to one of our services. We meet on Sundays, the Lord’s Day, to commune with the Lord Jesus Christ in a simple memorial ceremony of unleavened bread and fruit of the vine. There will also be singing, acapella style, with an interesting and brief lesson. A contribution will be taken as well, but this is for the members, and as a visitor, you do not need to participate.

You are very welcome to come and join us in simple worship and fellowship, as we all praise Jesus Christ, who is worthy of all adoration, honor, power, strength and glory.

Where We Meet

729 N. Norma, Ridgecrest, CA

When We Meet


10 AM ~ Bible Study
10:50 AM ~ Worship
5 PM ~ Evening Service


7 PM ~ Midweek Service